Home News DNF Duel: Kunoichi arrives in a trail of flames

DNF Duel: Kunoichi arrives in a trail of flames


It was a matter of hours: DNF Duel introduces a new fighter. This is Konoichi, expert in the art of ninjas.

These arrivals were certainly expected. However, the pace with which these fighters are shaping up, one after the other, is a little too fast, right? Unless all of those will show up to you next Saturday (December 18), during the expected beta on PS5 and PS4.

Elvish in appearance and mastering the ninja arts to perfection, Kunoichi will quickly remind you of a certain yellow haired ninja. Besides cloning and summoning, she also wields fire expertly, using it to devastating ends.

In addition to the consoles of Sony, the game will also be released on Pc at a date still unknown.

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