Home News DNF Duel: Lancer Vanguard joins the fight

DNF Duel: Lancer Vanguard joins the fight


DNF Duel presents players with a new presentation video: after Dragon Knight, it’s now Vanguard’s turn to take advantage of the spotlight.

No time to breathe, eh? While he has just lifted the veil on Dragon Knight, DNF Duel shows up again and now draws attention to the “Cursed” Vanguard. Wielding his demonic spear at high range, this new fighter intends to keep any opponent at bay.

For the form, we will recall the holding – next weekend – of an open beta. However, it will only concern PS4 and PS5 players. Waiting for December 18, the title will undoubtedly continue to provide new introductory videos. And, given the frequency of the last two arrivals, it will surely be a matter of a few hours before seeing a new character tumble.

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