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do you have to buy it all back? News @VGR


In line with the ports on the new consoles, we recently found GTA 5 which is launching on its third generation, so we wanted to test this.

After the combo PS3/Xbox 360then PS4/Xbox One and finally the PC, the indestructible Grand Theft Auto V is now attacking the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. A grind PS5 and Xbox Series is indeed offered to us by Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive since the March 15, 2022.

Some will probably say that it’s too much, that it would be better now to seriously tackle GTA 6 than to lay a umpteenth version from the studio’s star game to 160 million units soldbut fans may also be thrilled to be able to enjoy an improved version of their favorite game.

And some may have never even played it and will find there the best option to finally embark on this disrespectful universe to the acerbic caricature of American society.

As for the followers of online part of the softwarethis new version, now available separately and redesigned with even more options on the program, they could well be strongly tempted to switch to the new proposal.

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We have therefore studied for you the question of whether it was still appropriate in 2022 to crack for this new GTA 5. To know our opinion, go to the test of the game and click on the tab “PS5 version“.

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