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Dolmen: the souls-like SF is announced for the month of May


Like Lovecraft, Dolmen promises us cosmic horror and reveals its release date in a new trailer.

Dolmen, which we had described as a Strategic and demanding SF action-RPG inspired by Dark Souls during our preview, left us with a rather promising taste.

With its dynamic fightsboth in melee and ranged, requiring to be well prepared and to properly manage its stamina and energy, while exploiting the weaknesses of the opponents, it indeed offers a certain challenge to take up, alone or in cooperation.

We are therefore rather curious to see the final result of the title of the Brazilians of Massive Work Studio and to return to Revion Prime to seek the famous Dolmen crystals necessary for the progress of humanity, despite the hostility of this extra-terrestrial world to our respect.

And that’s good since Prime Matter, which publishes the game, has just posted a new trailer revealing the launch date set for May 20, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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We also learn, moreover, that in the event of pre-orderthe Day One Edition will get a Rebel armor set with Rebel ax and sword in order to be well equipped to face the danger.

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