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Don’t Nod changes its name and logo, 7 teased games


To celebrate its 14th anniversary, the French studio is changing its name and logo. A presentation video also teased 7 ongoing projects.

Dontnod Entertainment returns to its original name. The French studio founded in 2008 had been stylized Don’t Nod at its beginnings and is therefore returning to its love with a change of visual identity announced this May 31. Almost 14 years to the day after its launch, the developer unveiled a new look but also a new website and a small teaser which reveals the 7 projects currently underway in the studio.

We reintroduce the apostrophe and the space between “DON’T” and “NOD”, in order to give full meaning to the name of the company. DON’T NOD is made up of two words that represent, as a company and in the games we make, our tendency to be unafraid to go against the grain and break the codes., also illustrated by the broken D and the N visible inside. This new logo links our creations – immersive and meaningful stories – to who we are as a company.

Declined on several funds, the new logo of DON’T NOD makes it possible to tease a few titles, including one which makes a return to the 80s (or a possible new Remember Me ) with the cassette at the beginning, the next Gerda of which you will find the preview here (the logo in the snow) or at least a science fiction project. It is therefore one more title than what was planned last year, Gerda being the famous “Project 7”.

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