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Dontnod takes stock of his situation


Dontnod’s financial situation in 2021 seems less gloomy, thanks in particular to Vampyr, but also partly to Twin Mirror.

While the results for the first half of 2021 had not been very good for Dontnod, the French studio boasted at the end of last year that it was now flying on its own.

Mainly known for being at the origin of the Life is Strange series, owned by Square Enix, which has now entrusted it to Deck Nine Games (Life is Strange True Colors), we also owe him titles such as Remember Me, Tell Me Why , Twin Mirror and of course Vampyr.

In his last financial report concerning I’year 2021Dontnod indeed salutes the good results of the latter which elapsed a few 2 million copies.

With 8 million downloads on the Epic Games Store when offered for freeit has still brought in enough funds in 2021 and is positioning itself as greatest financial success from the studio with Life is Strange.

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Twin-Mirror also generated comfortable revenues in 2021 and the three quarters of the sums invested in the takeover from Bandai Namco have been recovered.

Dontnod finally confirms that it wants to create even more new original intellectual properties and 8 games are currently in production (6 internal and 2 external) for spread out outputs until 2025.

And the first of them that one should see is a narrative game in line with what the studio knows how to do.

Source: exputer.com

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