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DOOM gets a second life with ray tracing


One of the most cult games has just gotten a makeover thanks to a modder and a good dose of ray tracing.

Released in 1993, DOOM quickly established itself as one of pioneers of the FPS genre, not far behind Wolfenstein. Literally cult over the years, the software has survived the ages and has been worn on practically all platforms and even sometimes on unusual media.

DOOM sublimated with ray tracing

Despite its almost 30 years, DOOM still cultivates as much fascination and can count on a loyal and active community, one of whose representatives has just given a second life to the iconic shooter.

It was the modder Sultim-t who got involved in the project by creating a mod boosting the visual of the title with ray tracing, this technology capable of displaying light effects, or reflections, dynamic and realistic. Despite the weight of the ages, you have to admit that the ray tracing does a very nice job and offers a new dimension to the famous shooter.

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For the moment, only the first 3 chapters are perfectly playable on PC with the mod, but others should see the light of day in the coming months.

For those who don’t like retro, you can always fall back on the very good DOOM Eternal, much more recent, which has also recently welcomed a Horde mode.

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