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Dorfromantik: a release date for the city-builder chill


Dorfromantik, the super chill minimalist city-builder, announced his final release date during the Future Games Show.

It was one of our favorites at the start of 2021. Dorfromantik seduced by its soft concept halfway between the city-builder and the puzzle-game served by a peaceful atmosphere and its exhilarating strategic aspect.

A definitive release date for Dorfromantik

Since its launch in March 2021 in early access, the little German indie game has come a long way with new features, new biomes and even a creative mode requested by players. New features that will all be available when it is released from early access. And that’s good, we now know when it will be.

During the Future Game Show, Toukana Interactive announced the final launch of Dorfromantik for April 28 on PC, only, via Steam and GOG. The chillax game is still listed for 8.99 euros and will include all content currently available. “This is just the beginningreassures the German studio in its press release. New features are planned after the final launch of the title, including new game modes which will be created with the help of the community.

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