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Dragon Age 4: “a single player game with choices that matter”


Failing to have shown itself at the Game Awards 2021, Dragon Age 4 is teased through the statements of the thinking head of BioWare. It is categorical: this new single-player game will have choices that are important.

BioWare must win back the trust of its fans and its community», Says Gary McKay, General Manager of the studios in a long blog post published earlier this year. Aware of having damaged the link that unites them to the most loyal players and his reputation, the new leader of BioWare and his teams intend to do everything possible to restore their image. And it will start with their future projects.

BioWare promises choices that matter in Dragon Age 4

In addition to the Legacy of the Sith expansion for SWTOR, it is especially the next games of Mass Effect and Dragon Age that are expected at the turn. Despite a particularly difficult year in terms of development because of remote work, the new thinking head of BioWare is confident: “Jsee incredible work done by both teams“.

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BioWare knows that Dragon Age 4 is sure to be its pivotal game. So, if the next iteration of his famous RPG shone on his absence in 2021, McKay lets go of a little teasing about him: “We have a group of talented veterans working on Dragon Age 4. We are focused on a solo experience based on choices that matter.A reference to the criticized choices of Mass Effect Andromeda, which disappointed the players by their lack of quality.

Obviously, we will have to wait for the game to be taken in hand to know if this is just a nice marketing speech or if the promise will be kept. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient, Dragon Age 4 having experienced a stormy development, punctuated by a reboot.

Source: blog.bioware.com

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