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Dragon Age 4 is shaping up to be ‘something amazing’ according to BioWare


Between Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5, BioWare has its work cut out for it and continues to slowly stir things up.

With two XXL RPGs under the arm, Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5, BioWare is expected at the turn especially after the fiasco that was Anthem. But the developers want to be reassuring and regularly want to share some information via “Community Update”. Today, it’s Dragon Age 4’s turn to give some newsand when it comes to selling dreams, BioWare does not go with the back of the spoon.

“Something amazing” and “characters with more personality than they’ve ever had”

For the latest post, two developers, John Epler (Creative Director) and Maciej Kurowski (Technical Director) introduced themselves and took the opportunity to give their thoughts on the development of Dragon Age 4.

While John Epler is full of praise when talking about his team which he considers to be “the most talented group he has ever worked with”, Maciej Kurowski highlights the efforts made to make the development of Dragon Age 4 as easy as possible for developers, in particular thanks to the provision of effective and perfectly adapted tools.

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A method, according to him, to boost the creativity of developers and make the game better.

[…]Probably the most important thing was having the right tools for our game. I strongly believe that developers are able to be more creative when we minimize the problems they encounter in their work. By making the tools easy to use and reliable, we allow them to be more creative, which ultimately improves the game dramatically.

For him, Dragon Age 4 is shaping up to be ‘something amazing’ and a lot of work has been done on the characters to make them as interesting as possible.

I can’t wait to talk more about some of the cool things we’ve done technically for Dragon Age. We take characters very seriously and work hard to give them more personality than they’ve ever had before. But I can’t say more yet.[…]We can’t wait to show you the game! It looks like something incredible.

We will have to be patient to see if all this is true, but if we are to believe the words of the developers, Dragon Age 4 promises great things, especially around its characters and their writing, a central point of all experiences signed BioWare except Anthem.

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Source: blog.bioware.com

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