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Dragon Ball FighterZ comes to PS5 and Xbox series with netcode rollback


Dragon Ball FigtherZ will have its new gen versions. They will be accompanied by a small improvement to make the online sessions more efficient.

Released in 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ will now show up on Sony and Microsoft new gen consoles. And, the switch from the PS4 and Xbox One versions to the others to the PS5 and Xbox Series will be free.

The addition of rollback netcode

These new versions will also integrate the rollback netcode which will improve the performance of the online game. But they will not be the only ones, since the PC will also have the right to it, failing to satisfy the owners of the software on current consoles. However, since the required specifications are higher than those currently in effect, the player will be able to deactivate it if it harms him. More details on this subject should be given soon.

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During the EVO 2022which saw in particular the Frenchman Wawa winning the tournament dedicated to the gamethe producer (Tomoko Hiroki) also had a word to clarify the situation regarding the future of FighterZ. And as said, after the new gen upgrades and the coming of the rollback netcode, the title will not receive any more new content, either on the side of updates or the arrival of characters. Therefore, C-21, who arrived in February, was the last fighter to join the cast.

Now we just need to know the additional information and the release date of these new versions.

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