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Dragon Ball: The Breakers dates itself and reveals a new iconic character


Bandai’s asymmetrical multiplayer game has finally found its release date and announces it with a gameplay video revealing an iconic enemy.

A true Dead By Daylight at heart, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will offer 7 human players to face one of the many villains of the license, also played by a player.

New enemy announced

While there was no solid information about it yet, Dragon Ball: The Breakers just announced that it would be available from October 14th on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, Switch PS4 and Xbox One. A trailer also shows us the return of an iconic enemy of Goku, Emperor Freezer.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers beta hours

In addition, online testing sessions are already planned starting in August at specific times.

If you wish to participate, you must first register on the official site before Monday, August 1st.

All editions of Dragon Ball: The Breakers

To conclude, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will have several editions. The standard versionincluding the game, theSpecial Editioncontains the game and digital goodies. The software will also have the right to a Collector’s Edition containing digital content, steelbook, stickers, a statuette of a Cell cocoon and all the contents of the previous versions.

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