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Dreams: Media Molecule presents an unprecedented adventure and other novelties


Dreams, the latest creation of Media Molecule is renewed and offers a free update that will immerse you in a new adventure and make you discover new creative tools.

Available now, this new adventure of the Dreams game is called Ancient Dangers: Adventures of a Bat. This is a dungeon crawler in third person view which will be playable solo or two players, by playing Scoria or Gabbro, his twin brother.

Your mission will be to fight wacky monsters, solve puzzles and face a terrible dragon in order to find a cure that will put an end to their grandmother’s snoring. All of this accompanied by a bat who only dreams of going home.

On the occasion of this outing, Media Molecule offer you 5 new wisps inspired by the game’s most memorable characters.

But that’s not the only novelty, this update also sees a complete overhaul of the dream creation.

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This mode of creation has been redesigned to allow beginners to take it in hand more easily by making it simpler and faster, and by adding explanations concerning the creation process.

This update also includes new game models dedicated to adventure Ancient Dangers: Adventures of a Bat and of new creative elements such as a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up or mini golf.

All the details of the update can be found on the PlayStation Blog as well as in the trailer below:

Source: blog.fr.playstation.com

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