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Dying Light 2: a first DLC with a gladiator theme?


According to a dataminer, the first DLC of Dying Light 2 would be themed around gladiatorial fights and he brought a lot of evidence to support it.

The discovery was made by a youtuber named Bub who had fun digging through the data of a recent Dying Light 2 patch, and came up with a plethora of information, like a new location, new dialogues and storyboards showing the future cinematics of the DLC.

Zombies and gladiators

Many of these finds share a common thread: they show that gladiatorial combat will have a prominent place in the next expansion. This information is supported by the fact that most of the new characters seem to be wearing outfits that are very reminiscent of the style of the fighters sent into the arena.

One of the new areas to explore, “The Opera House”.seems particularly concerned by all this. The building has been transformed into a coliseum, which makes it a promising playground. In any case, other places to visit have been found by our dataminer friend such as Astrid’s office, a church and a subway station. For the latter, there are no images to be put under the tooth.

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One thing is certain, this future narrative DLC promises to be massive in terms of content. Understand that for now, “only 2000” dialogue parts have surfaced. Add to that the dismantling of two different endingsand you have a new adventure that should keep you busy for a long time.

As a reminder, the DLC has been pushed back by Techland and is normally due to land in September on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series and Switch. The release window is unfortunately far from certain, as according to the studio’s roadmap, it could just as easily arrive in October as November.

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