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Dying Light 2: a trailer for its big DLC and a meeting at Gamescom


Dying Light 2 will soon be back on the scene with an impressive DLC that will be presented before the end of August.

We’ve known for a while now that Dying Light 2 will soon be getting a big narrative DLC focused on events parallel to those of the original game. The studio has revealed some interesting information about it during a recent interview for VideoGamesRepublic.

A teaser for Dying Light 2’s first DLC

Scheduled for September (if all goes well) the DLC now has a name, Bloody Ties and, although we don’t know what exactly it will be about, should propose a story that will revolve arounda kind of fighting arena for post-apocalyptic gladiators;
At least that’s what the short trailer shared by the studio suggests, showing a masked character standing in what appears to be an arena. We can also see an advertisement in the background mentioning a “Carnage Hall”, which leaves little room for doubt.

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Anyway, we’ll soon know since Techland plans to take advantage of the Gamescom show on August 23 to tell us more about this DLC, the first big piece of a roadmap designed to span nearly 5 years.

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