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Dying Light 2: DLC is coming, NG+ and surprises are under consideration


If Dying Light 2 has already had several free DLCs, it will soon receive its first big DLC, and surprises are on the table.

With a roadmap studied to keep the game alive for at least five years, the developers of Dying Light 2 are currently working on XXL post-launch content and the first should surprise fans.

A first adventure in DLC yes, but not a continuation of the story of Dying Light 2

It was Tymon Smektala, Lead Game Designer, who released the information in the columns of Game Informer. The latter, when asked about the future of Dying Light 2, said that the teams were currently working on a whole new piece of the story.

In contrast, this first DLC would not be a continuation of the events told in DL2, but rather an adventure parallel to the main plot. The faults with the many problems in particular related to the impact which the choices of the players have on the end. However, nothing is set in stone, and Smektala remains confident that they will find a solution.

We don’t want to fall into this repetitive pattern where players will know what to expect from us. That said, for example, in regards to the first DLC story we promised, I’ve seen a lot of speculation online about what it might be and can confidently say that it was way off the mark.
[…]At some point, we’ll definitely start adding to the events that happened at the end of the game. We have a few ideas. On paper, as implemented right now, it looks promising, but it will definitely be a challenge.

A New Game +, a photo mode and higher difficulties coming soon?

In addition, Tymon Smektala also teased the upcoming arrival ofa new game plus mode, a new difficulty and other new and as yet unannounced content.

These are things [le NG+, les niveaux de difficultés, le mode photo…] that are currently on the table and that we are working on. I don’t want to go into too much detail here… but very soon people will start to see things like this being added to the game in one way or another. We’ve already revealed a big roadmap for first year, but as players will soon find out, we’ll be adding more to this roadmap and inviting them to experience more content that will drop in this first year.

Techland seems well on its way to garnishing and ensuring a good follow-up to its Dying Light 2 as it was able to do with the first episode, which was also entitled to its PS5 and Xbox Series patch recently.

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