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Dying Light 2 does not provide in-game microtransactions


Ratings bodies had noted the presence of microtransactions in Techland’s game. A developer has revealed why the logo was actually affixed to Dying Light 2.

Microtransactions and other lootboxes in Dying Light 2? Nay. The rumor had circulated after the classification of the game with the PEGI and ESRB offices (the European and American video game bodies). These displayed icons representing the presence of ingame paid content.

While the developers are in a final straight line of communication, with many tweets and presentation streams, Techland took the opportunity to dismiss this info. The game, scheduled for PC and consoles on February 4, will not feature one.

In a response to a user, we therefore learn that the icon has been added because the game will be able to allow download paid DLCs via the main menu, which is considered, as it stands, a microtransaction by rating bodies. We are reassured, a few days after bad news for the launch.

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