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Dying Light 2 is getting a massive patch to fix all its bugs


Like many (too many) games upon release, Dying Light 2 currently suffers from quite a few issues that the developers will begin to fix.

Techland’s post-apocalyptic open world was released a few days ago and received a rather warm welcome from the press – here too – but also from players.

In contrast, That doesn’t stop it from running a bunch of bugs, sometimes truly hindering, on all platforms. That is why the developers are working hard to deliver a host of fixes as soon as possible and the first batch will arrive quickly.

Techland has therefore shared the content of the next upcoming patch, as well as a roadmap for each platform. It is seen through this that the PC version is much better off than the console versions, strongholds of many problems, while others are present on all versions, such as the impossibility of switching to VOSTFR, or bugs blocking progress altogether.

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Dying Light 2 patch on PC:

Content of the next patch:

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed infinite black screens
  • Fixed a splitting of corpses in co-op
  • Fixed DLSS related issues
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from selling items to vendors

What will happen next:

  • Fixed issues with mouse key mapping
  • Fixed a bug killing players in a chain upon death
  • Fixed several issues that sometimes blocked the story
  • Add the possibility of playing the game in English (VO and therefore VOSTFR)
  • Add new video options
  • Add save points
  • Minor bug fixes

Dying Light 2 patch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One

Content of the next patch:

  • Fixed various connection issues
  • Fixed connection issues that could disconnect players in co-op
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from selling items to merchants
  • [Xbox One X] Added additional graphics mode
  • Fixed bugs related to streamer mode
  • Fixed issues with infiltration in co-op
  • Fixed some AI related bugs, including some that caused NPCs to get stuck in the scenery
  • Global Balance Adjustment
  • Fixed rare bugs related to co-op dialog choices
  • General performance optimization
  • Adjusted late game fast travel
  • Fixed a bug that could display an infinite black screen
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes duplicated corpses in co-op
  • [PS5] Fixed several visual artifacts

What will happen next:

  • Fixed bugs sometimes blocking the story
  • Addition of video options (particularly related to Motion Blur)
  • Added save points
  • Addition of the possibility of passing his game in English (therefore in VOSTFR)
  • Fixed a bug that could chain kill the player

Updates are expected to roll out in the coming days on all platforms and others will follow soon after. Your connections aren’t going to like it.

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