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Dying Light 2: the free Bloody Summer event starts today


Techland will be celebrating the summer with a new event called “Bloody Summer”. A rather appropriate name when you see what’s in store for us.

Dying Light 2, is above all frantic fights against zombies and humans that you have to kill in every way possible and imaginable. The new – and free – Bloody Summer event has understood this and intends to push the concept even further.

For good reason, throughout the festivities, the bodies of your enemies are easier to tear to pieces. In addition, there are rules of the Hypermode which reinforce the feeling of power that will come to you. As a reminder, this mode gives the player a tenfold strengthmaking every encounter as easy as a walk in the park. Blood will flow in the streets of Villedor, but it won’t be yours.

Rewards galore

Every job deserves a reward. Here, chopping up zombies will pay off in spades. Besides, you only need to cut out 1 limb to get a Harper token.which then allows you to access new missions and challenges of all kinds. For those with a real thirst for blood to quench, Slicing 300 body parts of your opponents will unlock a special axe. Finally, a last reward is hidden in the 3,000,000 level that must be reached with the entire community: the Nightrunner outfit.

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From now until July 7, you will be able to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X. Techland also reminded us that there are more summer events to come, so don’t miss the next announcements!

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