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Dying Light 2 won’t be released on Switch right away


The cloud version of Techland’s new title for the Nintendo Switch has just been pushed back a few months.

If after several postponements (the game was planned for spring 2020), Dying Light 2: Stay Human is still expected for the February 4 next on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Techland has just announced that it will take a little more patience to take advantage of the Switch version via Nintendo cloud streaming.

This one should indeed come out”within six months” following, i.e. by the month ofAugust 2022. Of course, the reason given is to provide Switch gamers with the “level gaming experience they deserve”.

As a reminder, if it is still necessary, Dying Light 2 is the sequel from Dying Light released in 2015, a open-world zombie game with a dynamic day-night cycle. This new adventure will not only take up 500 hours of your life, but will also benefit from long-term follow-up, for at least 5 years. An entire program.

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