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Dying Light 2: Xbox Series and PS5 versions compared by Digital Foundry


A recognized specialist in the field, “Digital Foundry” has put Dying Light 2 Stay Human under the microscope and gives us its verdict on video.

Dying Light 2 has been out for a few hours now, on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One and the feedback is pretty positive everywhere, especially here where the software received a nice 15/20.

On his side DigitalFoundry analyzed the different console versions as well as the 3 modes offered on each of them: Performance (1080p, 60fps), Resolution (4K, 30fps) and Quality (1080p, Ray Tracing and Superior Ambient Occlusion). We then notice that the software is clearly not a graphic standard, but remains stable all the same regardless of the chosen mode, with a few exceptions.

Digital Foundry reports a handful of slowdowns like going underwater.

On PC, on the other hand, the software is a big notch above the new generation consoles.. On a (beautiful) machine equipped with an RTX 3080, an I7 9700k and 32GB of RAM and pushing the options to the highest, the app runs like a charm at over 60fps in 4K with similar Ray Tracing has a “medium” option.

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We will always note some framerate drops when Ray tracing is too busy in the same scene. Of course, DLSS is not an option to run the game in good conditions, but the result is final, although below current standards, especially for a game of this caliber. We leave you here some screenshots.

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