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Dying Light 3 we don’t know, but Techland is recruiting well for a new game


While the studio is busy developing post-launch content for Dying Light 2, part of the team is already working on another project.

With a Dying Light 2 just released, Techland already has its work cut out for it and intends to capitalize as much as possible on its foal. But obviously, that does not prevent the studio from already eyeing new horizons.

Dying Light 3 already on track or a new IP?

It was the appearance of a new job offer that set things on fire. On Twittera user, Faizan Shaikh, indeed noted an advertisement offering the opportunity to join a team in full development on an as yet unannounced open-world RPG.

Obviously, at first glance, one could have thought of Dying Light 3, but it could well be there a whole new IP. Especially since Faizan specifies that it does not date from yesterday, sincelast December he had already noted an identical job offer.

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We, for our part, also reported similar information to you last August, which certifies that a title has indeed been in the works for quite some time at Techland. Now the question is what, and that’s another story.

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