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Dying Light will soon receive two big updates at the same time


If Dying Light 2 monopolizes the bulk of Techland’s teams, the studio does not forget the first opus which will soon receive several updates.

Since its release in 2015, Dying Light has received a huge following from Techland. Many updates and several free and paid DLCs have been deployed over the years, always bringing more content. And despite the release of the second opus, business continues for Dying Light

One last patch for Hellraid

Dying Light will indeed receive not one, but two big free updates. The first will be bound for Hellraidits latest DLC released in 2020. Techland will operate there some redesigns, balancing as well as many bug fixes, but above all will add a brand new weapon, the Deathbringer rifle. The studio hasn’t shared patch notes yet, or even given a release date, though, but those shouldn’t take too long.

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Be the Zombie also updates in Dying Light

The second is aimed at the base game and more specifically at the PvP mode “Be the Zombie”. The studio decided to do an overhaul of several creature abilities that we can embody, and to rebalance a whole bunch of objects and to banish some of them to restore the odds between the zombie and survivors. The patch will be deployed on consoles and computer from May 5 and you can find all the patch notes at this address. As a reminder, Dying Light even recently had the right to its PS5 and Xbox Series patches.

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