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EA Sports FC: FIFA strikes back and will offer a new license


EA’s FIFA History is changing its name. For its part, the International Football Federation made its statement and unveiled its plans for the future.

Now, the annual soccer game iteration drops the name FIFA to become EA Sports FC. A bit like its rival of yesteryear had before ESP, but for slightly different reasons. Here, it would be a dispute which is certainly the cause.

A new name therefore which should not pose too much of a problem since EA seems able to offer equally similar content thanks to the presence of more than 300 partners. However, despite this, he should not gain legitimacy. At least, that will be the case if we are to believe the International Football Federation.

FIFA made in FIFA

Indeed, the Fifa in her personal statement also announced that she would continue in the world of video games by producing her own football simulation worthy of competing with her counterpart from Electronic Arts here 2024. In fact, according to the words of the President Gianni Infantinothere should be no question of competition since the experience it will provide will be by far the best and above all authentic.

I can assure you that the only authentic, real game that bears the FIFA name will be the best available for gamers and football fans. The name FIFA is the only world and original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – the constant is the name FIFA and it will forever remain and remain THE BEST. […] The interactive gaming and esports industry is on a path of unparalleled growth and diversification. FIFA’s strategy is to ensure that we can make the most of all future options and secure a wide range of products and opportunities for players, fans, member associations and partners.

But while waiting to be able to provide its own annual copy, to see what the discussions with development studios and publishers will lead to – currently underway according to the football body – the federation, it seems, already has projects underway. . In view of upcoming events (Qatar 2022, Women’s World Cup 2023), FIFA indeed plans to publish certain “non-simulated” games.

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So, is EA under threat? We’ll see…

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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