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EA unhappy with Battlefield 2042: the game could become free to play


Electronic Arts is obviously not satisfied with the performance of Battlefield 2042 and is thinking about solutions.

The release of Battlefield 2042 did not go smoothly. Between the bugs, balancing issues and missing features, the app was not bad, far from it, but clearly not up to expectations. It is for this reason that it will soon receive a major update.

A slippage that DICE is trying somehow to control to calm the migration of players who are returning to Battlefield 5 in large numbers. Nevertheless, EA is clearly not happy with the performance of its FPS and, if we believe the very informed Tom Henderson, would think of a whole bunch of options to make his colt profitable, even a passage through the free to play box.

A “corridor noise” which somewhat recalls the desire of Electronic Arts to change its teams and review the future of its franchise.

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Nowadays, free AAA works and is a hit, it’s neither Fortnite nor Warzone that will come to contradict it, it is therefore not impossible to see BF2042 follow the same path to reach a wider audience. To be continued…

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