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Earth Defense Force 6 is coming to PS5 and PS4


Earth Defense Force 6 will be released this year on PS5 and PS4, but only in Japan for now. The rest of the world will wait.

Completely barred shooter license, Earth Defense Force will indeed return in 2022in Japan in any case, with a 6th opus which promises to be already explosive.


Earth Defense Force 6 will land on Japanese PS5 and PS4 consoles on August 25th. and promises a long session of carnage to save planet Earth. The software will also benefit from the all-powerful PlayStation 5 to display supernumerary enemies, all in 4K at 60 fps.

The European and American release is still undated.but if we refer to the previous opuses of the license, it will certainly be necessary to wait a year to have the right with us.

In any case, this summer, our Japanese comrades, and fans of exported games, will be able to join the fray and will even enjoy exclusive holo-decoy skins bearing the image of famous Virtual Youtubers (Vtubers) on the archipelago: Ookami Mio, Shirakami Fubuki and Nakiri Ayame.

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Source: www.gematsu.com

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