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eFootball 2022 announces the launch of the game… for the end of the season


Konami’s critically unsuccessful eFootball 2022 (formerly PES 2022) will release version 1.0 next week, more than six months after the game launched.

Finally, the miracle happened! eFootball 2022, Konami’s free-to-play rebranding for its PES series, will unveil its version 1.0, expected since the release of the game in September 2021. Until now, the game was content to be a playable demo with little to no content. Postponements followed for the update, just like for the premium packs.

Konami is therefore “delighted” (you surprise me) to announce a release on April 14, 2022. Which is pretty good for a football simulation game based on the real compositions of the teams: most championships will end the following month, such as Ligue 1 for example on May 21st. Proof that the studio does not rely on its official teams but rather on multiplayer with teams created from scratch by the players little eye for realism.

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By the way, Konami says it continues to “update the game to make it even more enjoyable for everyone, using the feedback received from our users”. The mobile version still has no date for its update.

You will find the Full v1.0 patch note on the official site.

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