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eFootball 2022 goes to version 1.0 and modifies its gameplay


eFootball 2022 patch 1.0 has just been released by Konami and brings a lot of changes and new content.

At its launch, eFootball 2022 (new name of PES) picked up and that is an understatement. Mocked by the community who notably pointed out a chaotic technique and numerous bugs, the game did not disassemble so far and Konami continued to pamper it over the updates. Now is the time for the soft to cross a new course and upgrade to version 1.0.

Season 1, new licenses, new game mode

For its 1.0 patch, Konami has seen things big and intends to try to make up for past mistakes by filling its game with new content, but also changes in the gameplay to best stick to “the football simulation you were waiting for”.

Moreover, the software launches into the mode of the Seasons, the first of which will begin on April 21 next, and will guarantee new challenges and exclusive rewards each time. Find the detailed patch note on this link or the summary right here:

eFootball 2022 patch note 1.0 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One



  • Power Strikes: Change the pace on offense in the blink of an eye with an incisive ‘power strike’.
  • Use the sheer speed of the ball with a ‘power pass’ which, at a player’s feet, can initiate a series of passes. The “powerful cross” presents a tense and diving ball trajectory, providing this decisive opening between the defense and the goalkeeper. opponents.

  • Passes and Crossovers: You can now perform this tactical movement thanks to the new command, “Pass and run (cross)” on the wings or in the axis, and create new offensive patterns thanks to diagonal runs.
  • Balloon lifts: in this version, we have considerably improved the variations and the handling of dive balls. From ultra-precise floating balls to decisive power passes, you are in control of the combinations thanks to the new range of trajectories available to you.


  • Power shots: A new command allows players to take longer strides towards the ball before unleashing a hard kick.
  • Added Shots Down, Drawn or Received.
  • New finishes: being able to play crosses with various trajectories should allow the scorers at the reception to offer superb conclusions with each action. Thanks to the realism of your offensive phases, you will be constantly in search of more sublime goals than the others.


  • Sudden change: don’t think that Sudden Changes are only useful when you have space around your player. You can use them to subtly evade opposing defenders or confuse them with a small surprise bridge or a frustratingly large bridge. It is an essential weapon for any dribbler.
  • To go past: By performing this feint, the ball carrier can deceive the defender and throw him off balance. The dribbler can then easily get rid of their frustrated opponent and rush towards the goal.
  • Shield: the “Shield” command allows you to maintain Possession by encouraging your players to put their bodies in opposition between the opponent and the ball in order to create space and better plan their next action.


  • Contain: one of the best moves a player has to prevent a dribbler from passing. Containing is just as effective against passing as it is against shooting. The defender can deflect opposing crosses with their toes, or even use their whole body as cover in desperate moments.
  • Shoulder contact: While the opposing dribbler pushes their ball forward, run alongside them and use “Shoulder Contact” to collect the ball. It is also effective when the opponent tries to control an approaching ball or to follow up a shot.
  • Ask for a pressing: With the new “Ask for pressing” command, you can inflict this modern defensive approach on your opponent.


  • Dream Team: added a brand new game mode that allows you to create your original team by recruiting players and managers to compete against users from all over the world.
  • Use in-game items that you can get as match rewards, organize your squad by recruiting and developing players, find the style of team play that suits you the most… Create your own “Dream Team” and donate Bring your vision of football to life and compete in tense clashes against the “Dream Teams” of other users around the world.


  • Added new licenses for Japanese and American leagues: J.League, MLSPA and USLC

Source: www.konami.com

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