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eFootball: Konami plans a very long maintenance to retype its game


Despite the catastrophic start of its new football game, Konami is not letting go and intends to raise the bar next season.

It’s no secret that eFootball is among the worst launches in recent years, along with Babylon’s Fall and Battlefield 2042. However, Konami continues to keep it alive and operating a real facelift since several updates already. Besides, the next maintenance will definitely last several days.

eFootball cut off from the world for almost a week

The developers plan to cut the servers for at least 4 days to patch up the game and prepare the launch of season 2 expected on June 16.
eFootball 2022 will therefore be offline from May 30 to June 2but Konami promises big changes. Moreover, these will be detailed a little later.

The update of version 1.1.0 will include improvements to win/lose decision-making in online matches, server capacity improvements and preparation for the arrival of future features such as data sharing between console and mobile.
The maintenance period will last from May 30 to June 2. During the maintenance, only trial matches with a handful of leagues and clubs will be playable, with 2 new options added: Beginner difficulty level and 10 minutes match time. After the maintenance is over, Season 2 is scheduled to start on June 16, and will be accompanied by various in-game events. Further details will be announced in-game, on the official website, and on the Twitter account later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the long maintenance period and appreciate your patience.

The Japanese firm therefore intends to work hard to improve its software from its next season., now remains to be seen if the players are still present by then. However, we are not going to shoot the ambulance too much given the efforts made by Konami, especially since the recent major changes to the gameplay have been rather well received.

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