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Elden Ring: a mod makes the game even more difficult on PC


Elden Ring not challenging enough for you? Do you play on PC? That’s good because a modder has just published a mod to make the game even more difficult than it already is.

Needless to say how Elden Ring is a hit, between historic peaks on Steam and more than 12 million units sold on all platforms, the software is making a lot of noise.

The community is huge, whether among speedrunners who are already breaking records, or modders. It is this second category that interests us today since a little genius has just put online a PC mod to increase the difficulty and offer a much tougher challenge. The opposite of this app which allows you to follow your quest directly via your smartphone.

Prepare To Die, the ultimate mod for challenge lovers?

Obviously, for Silentverge02, Elden Ring was a walk in the park, so much so that the modder had the idea to work on gameplay changes to make the experience more challenging.

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With his mod Prepare To Die not only damage and resistance of enemies are increased but also the AI in particular by making it more apt to track us and more reactive to sound.

Fast travel to grace sites is also affected and are now reduced to key locations, churches and cathedrals. What’s more, the NG+ is also raised to give more and more trouble.

For Silentverge02, its creation is a way of “responding to the growing appearance of mods lowering the difficulty” of the FromSoftware title. He also announces in the columns of Kotakuto be working on a survival modin particular to give more importance to crafting.

If you are interested in Prepare To Die, you will find it on NexusMod with all the installation steps. We just advise you to have strong nerves.

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