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Elden Ring: a mod to make things easier for players


Among all the mods for FromSoftware’s latest success that abound, one in particular is all the rage with players (PC) wishing to make the task less complicated.

As you will have seen, there is no shortage of mods when it comes to Elden Ring. And for good reason, more than 500 exist on the dedicated platform, Nexus Mods. But, among all this, one of these creations is particularly popular with players computer. Downloaded more 50,000 timesthe element in question allows the less hardened among you to stroll serenely in theInter-EarthLike nothing ever happened.

“Easy Mode For Elden Ring”

Spear March 12 by odashikonbuthe famous mod exists in three different versions: a “Damage Edit Only”, a “Damage Tweak + 10x Rune” and the “Personal Edit”. Apparently, they basically do the same thing, i.e. decrease damage taken or even increase your strength considerably, etc.

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However, the most advantageous remains the last mentioned, “Personal Edit”. Not only is the resistance encountered reduced or even negated, but certain mechanisms are also disabled, such as equipment weight limit or spell backlash.

A mod that therefore changes the initial experience offered by FromSoftware, perhaps even tarnishing it in the eyes of some, exclusively made available for the single player mode. According to its creator, it only has the objective of making the game accessible to everyone so that it can be enjoyed widely and was not created to circumvent the anti-cheat system. Therefore, it is inaccessible when you start an online game.

Interested? If so, you will find it on Nexus Mods. There, where there is also, as already mentioned, a mod that further increases the challenge. Ease or difficulty? It is up to you to make your choice.

Source: kotaku.com

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