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Elden Ring: a record on Steam, but the PC optimization rages


It may be a masterpiece, but Elden Ring still has a lot of optimization problems on PC and should receive patches in the coming days.

Elden Ring is currently enjoying a very good launch and a very special aura. The software indeed accumulates excellent marks, as with us where it won the ultimate mark, but on the contrary, it also cashes the anger of PC players, yet well at the rendezvous. The cause? An optimization in the cabbage.

An Elden Ring not so much a “masterpiece” as that on PC?

Yet it was going well. On Steam, Elden Ring has set a real record for a launch with more than 764,000 players connected simultaneously. Much more than any Souls.

However, he accuses an “average” evaluation on the Valve platform, blame it on a serious lack of optimization which has driven a good number of Shardless people crazy.

Among the problems noted, we note graphic and framerate problems, incompatibility with the 21:9 format, as well as bugs with the Easy Anti-Cheat software, which had already caused problems for all the Dark Souls series some time before. the exit from Elden Ring.

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Nevertheless, FromSoftware has split a press release making an inventory while certifying work hard on the problems listed below.

  • For the mouse sensitivity issue on PC, we will send out a patch for this issue in the near future.
  • Regarding the issue of Easy Anti-Cheat not launching when Steam account name is set to 2-byte characters, we are aware of the cause of this issue and we will provide a fix soon as well.
  • As for frame rate issues and other performance-related issues during gameplay, we are constantly working to improve the app so that it can be played comfortably on different PC environments and platforms.
  • Note that for the PC version, updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version can significantly improve performance.

    On console, mainly on PS5, apart from the few framerate drops, which we ourselves noted in our test, some players obviously had save issues. Something that, on the other hand, we had absolutely not had on our side. FromSoftware, however, managed to locate the source of the bug and is currently working on fixing it.

    About the phenomenon of game data not saving properly in the PlayStation 5 version. Note that if the PS5 console is turned off unexpectedly during a game in progress or enters rest mode, the saved data may not be recorded correctly. We know the cause of this problem and are working on a patch to fix it, but until it is released, please save your game manually by quitting the game regularly. This will save game data correctly if you quit the game by opening the system menu using the OPTION button and selecting “Quit Game”.

    The studio is therefore on the job and will quickly follow up on the previously deployed patch 1.02. All that remains is to hope that by then the game will not be deserted by the players affected by these problems.

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    Source: en.bandainamcoent.eu, www.videogameschronicle.com

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