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Elden Ring: An app now lets you track your quests and NPCs


Faced with the arrival of many neophytes on Elden Ring, an amateur has made a small application acting as a quest journal.

Elden Ring cardboard and attracts a large number of players. A success that saw a crowd of neophytes come who had little or no experience with the studio’s previous productions and which, for many, have a little trouble finding their way around, especially when it comes to quests. What a developer, totally amateur, wanted to answer by proposing Shattered Ring, a companion app that acts as a quest journal.

A smartphone quest log for all RPGs including Elden Ring

It’s a fact, in Elden Ring, the universe, the NPCs, the quests and the narration are intentionally cryptic.. A trademark for the studio, like the difficulty, on which FromSoftware does not intend to return, considering these choices as an integral part of its DNA.

Choices which are however perceived as a brake for a fringe of players wanting to try his hand at Elden Ring without taking the lead. Despite the many additions making Elden Ring the most accessible Souls-like at the moment (this is also a fact), a large number of players complain about the impossibility of being able to explicitly follow the quests and/or to find NPCs on the fly, since Elden Ring has no quest log and no icons on the map revealing the exact location of NPCs or objectives.

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This is why a user, Dachary Carey, decided to create an application, available on iOS, allowing you to more calmly follow your quests and find your NPCs with a database system that allows you to record, filter and share the tracking and/or location of your quests and your NPCs. Asked by VGC on the rationale behind his app, the man replied:

I wanted to play this game so badly that I finally made my very first app to solve what I think is a big accessibility hurdle for a ton of more casual gamers like me.

Although the app was originally created for Elden Ring, it actually works with just about every game, even paper why not, whose quest follow-up would not be enough for you. Because in the end, the application is a diary in which one could take notes and find them in just a few clicksas can be read on the description of the app:

Stop leafing through huge notebooks, or losing your notes, trying to keep track of your roleplaying progress. Easily save and search non-player characters, game world locations, and quests from your favorite RPGs. Track NPC locations and quests, filter complete or incomplete quests and locations, and view your games stats at a glance. Shattering Ring is the indispensable companion to massive RPG video games like Elden Ring, or your favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Add notes to NPCs, and research not only the name of the NPC, location, or quest, but also the contents of your notes. Enter as little or as much information as you want and edit it whenever you want.

Grab the quests you come across while exploring great open world video games. You can also enter places into the app when you discover new points of interest and save details to remind you to come back later, like the presence of a helpful merchant or a note that you didn’t pass. the door, so you can come back later to see if there’s any good loot.

There is no limit to the number of games you can track in the Broken Ring RPG game tracker. Record details of multiple Elden ring games, track multiple D&D campaigns or other RPG sessions.

Source: www.videogameschronicle.com

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