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Elden Ring: beware of hackers corrupting your saves in multiplayer


Despite the presence of an anti-cheat and a lot of work done on the security of its games, FromSoftware has obviously left a door open to hackers on Elden Ring.

Several users have reported that hackers have made their way onto Elden Ring’s servers and can cause your saves to crash when you encounter them online, either you or them invading. A situation that makes online gaming on PC very complicatedwhereas FromSoftware had however worked on the security of its servers, like those of its previous games which had even been taken offline shortly before the release of Elden ring.

The hack on Elden Ring that locks the player into a Death Loop

The bug is therefore caused during an online meeting, here invasions, this mechanism which allows you to kill a player in his game by connecting to it as an invader.

If the manipulation to cause the crash still remains nebulous, it seems that it is particularly linked to the use of certain capacities. The hacker in question would only have to tweak a few things on his side to cause a Death Loop in the other player, ie a chain death with each loading of the backup.

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From then on, your files become completely unusable. Pindusa French streamer, has also paid the price live, and this is not an isolated case.

How to fix Death Loop bug on Elden Ring PC?

Fortunately, several players have managed to find a trick to recover their saves without damage. Pindusa big PvP player on Elden Ring, advises, for example, to keep a backup of your saves from the moment you go online to play.

In the event that the backup has not been made, you can however save your game in another way explained on Reddit. During the Death Loop, it will be necessary to succeed in teleporting you to a site of grace just before your death.

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To do this, try to open your map and use the quick teleport feature to select a site from Grace. You can also do an Alt+F4 just before your death to have a little more time to open your map when you next load your game.

If not, the easiest way is to disconnect from the servers the time that FromSoftware provides a fix to the problem, although it is really sad to come to this because of a handful of malicious players. But for the moment, the studio did not even communicate on the problem. However, the bug is slowly but surely starting to be talked about on the web. Note that the console versions, meanwhile, do not seem to be affected by the problem yet.

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