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Elden Ring gets an unexpected port


While the fashion is for demakes, Elden Ring has the right to its own, taking us back to the best moments of the Nintendo console.

Decidedly, Elden Ring has marked an impressive number of players and in particular the creators of the Youtube channel 64 Bits. Indeed, known for their demakes of God of War on PS1 and Monster Hunter on Game Boy Colorthe animators do it again this time with the fantastic action-RPG from FromSoftware on SNES.

Elden Ring on NES, or almost

While the SNES celebrates this year its 30 yearsthis demake plunges us straight into in Between-Earth in the 16 bits style characteristic of the Japanese console. This video depicts an adventure with an aesthetic very close to a The Legend Of Zelda and reveals several key enemies and areas of the game. We are entitled to Radahn, Godrick, Malenia or Astelrecreated in an impressive way.

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Unfortunately for us, it is only a particularly successful video and it will be impossible for us to walk around in Necromlimbe and take our revenge on Malenia. However, as a consolation, we recall that a PS1 demake version of Bloodborne is available since a few months and honors FromSoftware’s flagship game released in 2015.

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