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Elden Ring has its difficulty readjusted even before its release


Elden Ring will not escape it and sees its difficulty modified. Decidedly, the challenge is at the center of all attention lately and many developers readjust their software to please everyone, FromSoftware included.

Elden Ring is scheduled for February 25 on consoles and PC and FromSoftware is in the starting blocks. The studio makes the final adjustments before launching its standard and admits having modified the difficulty of its software because of feedback from the beta.

Elden Ring easier than other soul-likes?

If, after the beta, everyone generally agreed that Elden Ring looks very promising (you will also find our previews here), some had some difficulty getting out of it, in particular vs Margit, the game’s first real big boss.

A data that Fromsoftware taken into account during a final balancing of his game. the studio recognizes that, for an early game boss, Margit was perhaps a tad too strong.

We didn’t want to make the bosses harder just for the sake of it. We think Margit was just too hard to beat for the beta. He was just a bit too strong, so he needed to be balanced for this early game..

In her final version, Margit should therefore be easier to defeat., which does not mean that he will fight his fingers in the pif so far. In contrast, FromSoftware has not accommodated all bosses in the same boat and some will voluntarily offer a spike in difficulty for thrill seekers. However, you will have to think outside the box to face them.

As for non-essential, optional, and hidden bosses, we deliberately increased the difficulty level of some of them for players who are looking for this kind of experience. If you’re one of them, we hope you can find really hard challenges hidden all over the world.

A way for the studio to reach a wider audience by circumventing the problem of difficulty that has been at the heart of many (sterile?) debates for some time.

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We remember, for example, the brouhaha around Returnal, which ended up getting the better of the developers, forcing them to review their copy here and there by offering, for example, the possibility of suspending its run. Even more recently: it is Sifu who is at the center of the turmoil, and will soon receive an update bringing several difficulty modes to allow, among other things, players stuck at the second level to cross it without too much trouble.

Towards disguised accessibility?

Somewhere, Elden Ring will therefore also have its difficulty modes, with the difference that they will be hidden within the experience itself., with a little sleight of hand that will give you another reason to explore the open world. What we hope, however, is that the main plot will not be too impacted to the point of distorting the studio’s trademark.

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In any case, you will have to be curious and hunt around to discover all these famous difficult bosses.

There are hidden areas in the world of Elden Ring, which you can be transported to. It won’t work exactly the same way it did with Dark Souls 3’s Nameless King, since you won’t have to do a whole bunch of stuff to get onboarded, but there will be a few nice surprises for players and several encounters and/or bosses that may be a little harder to reach. We hope you will discover them all.

Elden Ring therefore promises to be very rich and these kinds of revelations reinforce what we had sensed when we last got started with the game, since if the management of the difficulty is as well executed as the studio implies, the title of FromSoftware will be innovative on many points.

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