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Elden Ring: Hidetaka Miyazaki Reflects on Game Accessibility


FromSoftware’s games are notorious for being hard to pull off. However, it would seem that with Elden Ring, it is otherwise.

The difficulty level of the title is a point that had already been discussed previously. Hidetaka Miyazaki (the director of the game) came back to it during an interview granted to the PlayStation-Blog (which you can find in full here). And he reaffirmed it: Elden Ring will be accessible. Without being easy – it was not intentionally designed with this in mind – the game should nevertheless allow a large number of players to see the end of it, and in particular thanks to new elements added to the FromSoftware formula.

On the one hand, the open-world structure would guarantee a freer approach, offering the possibility of dodging – if only temporarily – complicated situations and thus continuing the progression.

In Elden Ring we intentionally did not try to lower the difficulty of the game, but I think more players will complete it this time. As I mentioned, the level of freedom the player has to progress through the world or come back to a challenge later are all things that I think will help people move through the game at a more leisurely pace.[…]Also, the emphasis is not on pure action. The player has more leeway to dictate their approach, such as against field bosses in the overworld, and to use stealth in various situations.

On the other hand, the players will be able to help each other thanks to the multiplayer:

We’ve even reduced the number of hurdles to clear to enjoy multiplayer gameplay. So we hope that players will embrace the idea of ​​receiving help from others. And we believe that the overall success rate will increase this time around thanks to these elements.

Miyazaki also took advantage of this release to talk about the aesthetics of the game and confirm the presence a New Game Plus and multiple endingsas you can read at the source.

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Elden Ring will be released on February 25 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In the meantime, you can take a look at the new gameplay footage just released, if you haven’t already.