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Elden Ring: Illegal rune sales abound on eBay


Currently in full hype, Elden Ring pays the price of malicious players who resell packs of runes on eBay.

FromSoftware’s new baby is a hit on all media and has whetted the appetite of unscrupulous players who have set up a parallel market on online resale sites.

Elden Ring has its black market on Ebay

Definitely, when it comes to breaking a game and making money, there are a lot of people. The resale of in-game material (gold, ingredient, equipment, etc.) is, alas, commonplace in many MMORPGs where accounts specializing in farming literally rot the servers. But to see the phenomenon develop on a mainly solo game, even if it is possible to play in cooperation, is quite rare. However, it does exist, and Elden Ring is currently the target.

Just take a little spin on eBay to realize the masquerade. A very large number of ads offer runes, this item that serves both xp and in-game money, at all prices. 35 million runes for €18, 70 million for €35 on PS4 or PS5… some even go so far as to offer packs for €200.

A dishonest and completely prohibited practice, which relies on a mix of farming and item duplication. Obviously, it is totally inadvisable to give in to the sirens of a rise in levels or virtual wealth sold at the price of gold and real money. It is only herea good big scam no more, no less, and it is also liable to a good big final ban from the game. Definitely we will have seen it all…

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