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Elden Ring: Launch time, pre-download and recap to be ready


The hours of availability of pre-downloads and the official launch of Elden Ring have just been revealed by FromSoftware, the opportunity for us to do a little recap ‘to be on the job before the release.

It’s the final sprint for Elden Ring which will be available from February 25. The wait will have been long for fans who currently have their eyes glued to the calendar and who, for some, scrutinize the slightest information about the software. Luckily it’s all over soon and FromSoftware has even just shared the exact time you can launch into Inter-Earth, if you’re ready.

What time does Elden Ring come out?

The souls-like will therefore be available from February 25 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One from midnight! (on the evening of the 24th for those who are wondering) Moreover, the whole world is housed in the same boat, regardless of the platform chosen.

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Pre-download Elden Ring? It’s possible!

For pre-downloads, however, availability differs depending on the platform you plan to play on. Xbox One and Xbox Series players can already pre-download the software while those who opt for a PS5, a PS4 or a PC version will have to wait until February 23, 48 hours before the official launch. Plan all the same between 50GB and 80GB to install the beast on your hard disk, a data which again differs according to the platform.

In the meantime, you can always prepare for its release by taking a look at the various topics covered in recent weeks:

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