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Elden Ring: Player kills one of the worst bosses in the game over 1000 times


Let Me Solo Her, a legend within the Elden Ring community, has set a record that is almost obsessively sick.

Some time after the release of Elden Ring, a player, Let Me Solo Her, has made a name for himself internationally by offering his services to face one boss in particular, one of the most difficult in the game, that filthy Malenia. Many players have therefore called on him, far too many even.

Malenia quickly pull out the white flag, there’s still time to surrender

Malenia, the Sword of Miquella is certainly one of the most complicated bosses in the game. Ultra fast, the latter inflicts considerable damage, benefits from HP regeneration and can even inflict one of the worst afflictions in the game. As a result, many players have broken their teeth and ended up asking for help.

But while some, like the huge editor of this test (and this news), spent several hours before putting Malenia down, Let Mee Solo Her, he eats it for breakfast every morning, decked out in a simple pot on the head.

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After weeks of being summoned right and left to slaughter her, the latter has just announced that he has defeated her more than 1000 times.. It’s huge.
A rather impressive recordwhich also allowed him to catch the eye of Bandai Namco since Let Me Solo Her announced that the publisher had sent him a small gift to celebrate.

After this symbolic landing, Let Me Solo Her put away her swords before thanking the community. He has indeed announced that he is heading to New Game Plus with the aim of… getting back to killing Malenia. But in a more difficult version this time, NG+ obliges.

Ah! Love…

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