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Elden Ring reaches a new milestone and sets a real record


The Elden Ring phenomenon has marked the beginning of 2022 and the game continues to sell like hotcakes.

FromSoftware’s latest title is a monumental hit for the studio. Until now, Dark Souls 3 was FromSoftware’s best-selling game with just over 10 million unitsbut that was before the release of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring on the throne

As soon as it was released, Elden Ring was a real successthe game received rave reviews from the press (it got the ultimate rating in our columns), but also from the players who rushed to play it.
Today, at its last financial review, Bandai claims that Elden Ring has sold over 16.6 million copies worldwide (dated June 2022), which is more than 3 million units sold in just one month.
Elden Ring continues to attract people, which allows it to retain the title of “best-selling FromSoftware game of all time” by a wide margin.

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As for FromSoftware, they can sleep soundly and take care of their current projects. The studio is working on several games and maybe even on an extension of Elden Ring. We wouldn’t say no to an opportunity to go back to the Land Between.

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