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Elden Ring: speedrun, race to “No Hit”, the first records fall


Like all Souls before it, Elden Ring tickles challengers around the world who are already having a blast bleeding their new playground.

Players have always liked to challenge themselves, whether it’s finishing a game by giving themselves handicaps (playing with their feet, blindfolded, etc.) or trying to break records such as finishing the game the as quickly as possible (speedrun) and/or sometimes even without getting hit (No Hit).

In recent years, the discipline has literally exploded and unites more and more players seeking to exceed its own limits, and those of the games, while trying to establish records. Which requires a lot of investment, research, concentration and quite simply, skill.

Moreover, in this facet of video games, Souls are among the most popular apps, in particular because they are difficult by nature, but also because they offer a wide range of interesting and rewarding possibilities. Elden Ring, the last FromSoftware to have seen the light of day, is no exception and some records and other performances are already beginning to fall.

Warning, the videos obviously contain spoilers.

Complete Elden Ring in under an hour? It is done!

Several speedrunners who have already cut their teeth on previous Souls have therefore already begun to seriously sand Elden Ring, seeking the best possible paths and the most effective strategies. In the Any% speedrun category (which consists of completing the game as quickly as possible, but without necessarily completing it 100%), several players have, for example, already succeeded the performance to lay down the game in less than an hour.

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One of the first to go under 60 minutes is LilAggy, a regular at speedrunning and tricky challenges on virtually every FromSoftware game from Dark Souls to Sekiro. With a run at 59 minutes and 38 seconds, LilAggy is therefore the first to have finished the game in less than an houra performance, not without faults, which marks a good start for the discipline on Elden Ring.

A few hours after this first record, it’s the turn of Distortion2also accustomed to discipline and challenges of all kinds, to establish a new world record with a run of 49 minutes and 29 seconds. A fine performance here also strewn with imperfections, including a few deaths, which clearly shows that nothing is decided yet and that the layouts are just waiting to be refined.

Finish the game quickly and without dying, or beat the bosses without getting hit? It’s done too!

While speedrunning on the Elden Ring is still in its infancy, some players have established other performances and continue to strive for ever more difficult challenges.

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The youtuber niko bellic, for example, achieved the feat of completing the game in 2 hours and 30 minutes, all without dying. An impressive speedrun especially when you know the difficulty of the software.

Finally, we also begin to find everywhere performers who defeat bosses without being hit once, the “No Hit”even if, for the moment, no complete run has been done yet, several bosses have been defeated in this way. This is for example the case on the side of sardocheone of the most important French streamers, who challenged himself to defeat the biggest enemies in the game without shields, without magic and without summons, all without getting hit and only by playing with the clawsa type of melee weapon that requires you to literally stick your opponent.

No matter the challenges, Elden Ring is therefore becoming a must for the most daring players and there is no doubt that we will see the arrival, little by little, of very good performances. Fans will therefore be thrilled.

Meanwhile, us mortals are still figuring out how to beat that damn Margit in less than 25 tries.