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Elden Ring: the secret of the arenas finally discovered


Ever noticed inaccessible arenas in Elden Ring? A player has managed to enter and discover the secret.

During your trip to Entre-Terre, you must have crossed paths with two large closed arenas, resembling the famous Colosseum. One is in Necrolimbo and the other is north of the Caelid, and it is impossible to enter. And it’s normal, they are only accessible with a little elbow grease and a lot of modding.

A mod opens the door of secrets

Objects of all speculation, content having been hidden or canceled, passing by a future DLC, the arenas of Elden Ring fascinate. Some time ago, a modder had finally managed to glimpse the interior of the buildings by glitching, and had then been entitled only to an empty and buggy structure.

But now, these arenas finally reveal what they were hiding. Thanks to the intervention ofa modder by the name of Sekiro Dubi who, after searching the hidden files, managed to dig up and restore some of the data.

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Inside, Sekiro Dubi discovered an unnamed Site of Graceon which it is possible to rest, as well as two partially completed enemies. It would therefore seem that at one time or another, it was planned that players could pass through these arenas. It now remains only to know if all this has finally been abandoned or if these arenas will indeed be added via a DLC or an update.

On this side the mystery remains whole, and this time, the modders will not be of any help to us.

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