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Elias Toufexis back in recording… for Deus Ex 5? News @VGR


In an enigmatic message (or almost), the voice actor who plays Adam Jensen in Deus Ex announces that he is working on a new project at the moment.

Well known in the world of video games, the voice actor Elias Toufexis teased an ongoing project in a new tweet posted last night. The actor has revealed that he works as artistic director at the same time as an actor on a video game that he cannot reveal, the fault of a nondisclosure agreement.

For some years, i’m doing the voice of this great character in this huge AAA game. This year, I have led the voices of a large number of actors in this same game. Today, I play in the morning and I direct in the afternoon. It’s a trip, man. I look forward to sharing.

The first part of his sentence surely refers to Adam Jensen, hero of the Deus Ex saga, which he has embodied for several years. In his portfolio, it’s his main AAA even if we also know that he also directed actors on Fallout 76 (but nothing on Deus Ex). His next role is that of the Penguin in Gotham Knight at the end of the year, the production of which is public and the date known.

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Would he then be to announce a return of Deus Ex by this message? Or content for Horizon: Forbidden West, in which he voiced several characters? As a reminder, the actor said he was ready for a new episode of Deus Ex in early 2021.

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