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End clap for Oculus


We knew this moment would come, and it seemed closer and closer, but this time it’s the right one, Oculus is no more.

Since acquisition of Oculus VR in 2014 by Facebookwe had gradually seen the brand co-founded by Palmer Luckey who enjoyed phenomenal success in the Kickstarter campaign launched in 2012 to create the Oculus Rift, fade away little by little. But no replacement by any Facebook.

It was perhaps undesirable to associate thesocial media giant imageoften decried, to its VR branch, will say the gossips, but the will to get rid of the Oculus name was there. And the reason could well also be linked to the will of mark zuckerbergalready, to create a new entity.

This has also recently emerged with the Facebook parent company changing its name to be called Meta and devote himself to metaverse in all its dimensions. He was then asked not only to stop talking about Oculus Quest, to be satisfied with Quest, but to Meta Questthe new brand replacing Oculus VR and also clearly marking the abandonment of the Rift.

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But today it is an additional step that has been taken with the closure of Oculus social media accounts Wednesday, January 26 in the evening.

If you type Oculus, you are now offered Meta instead. Even Google takes you back to Meta Quest if you do a search on Oculus. the store of the Quest (and Rift), on the other hand, has been renamed Meta Quest for a while now, but its address still states oculusFor how much longer?

Note also that some developer tools will continue to be Oculus branded, but there too it will certainly end. You have to make up your mind, Oculus and the Rift are dead, long live Meta Quest and the Quest 2 (and future 3).

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