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End clap for Outlier


After two months of hard work, JoyWay throws in the towel in the face of the magnitude of the task to develop its roguelite in virtual reality.

Spear in early access on Steam on March 17, 2022the sci-fi VR roguelite Outlier has been halted in development by Joy Way.

The reason given by the studio is to have “overestimated demand for this game” and “underestimated the complexity of the roguelike genre. Eight to twelve months would still be needed to complete the project.

It follows that the work required is financially far too substantial in relation to the benefit to be derived from it vis-à-vis the interested public, and that the title will therefore disappear from Steam soon, without ever going to version 1.0. Players who have already purchased Outlier will be reimbursed on request.

It is thus the second abandonment of Joy Way after the brain game Brains vs. Zombies. Of the five games announced in two years, only three remain, still in early access: Stride, Against and Time Hacker.

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Now let’s hope they don’t suffer the same fate before delivering their final build and that the formerly Russia-based developer avoid embarking on a new project before completing these.

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