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Endling: Extinction in Forever is scheduled for summer


The indie game Endling: Extinction is Forever, which puts players in the shoes of a vixen, is now released.

Developed by Handy Games, the Spanish studio to El Hijo in particular, Endling: Extiction in Forever had previously announced a release window. It was then announced for this spring 2022. Which is no longer really relevant since it will appear rather this summer.

A publication in July

Specifically, the title will be made available on July 19 next on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG) as well as on Switch at the price of €29.99. Physical editions will also be released.

Endling: Extinction in Forever offers an adventure that could easily be described as ecological. The world in which the players will be propelled is ravaged by the human race, very eager to exploit any natural resource and pollute without scruple by their activities. And, it is in this environment that the vixen, “heroine” of the game, will have to travel, who has only one desire: to protect her offspring.. Thus, slowly, step by step, without attracting threatening looks, the animal will guide its young to a safer place and thus ensure the future of its endangered species.

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