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Endzone: A World Apart is coming to Xbox Series and PS5


Gentlymad’s post-apo management game is, as expected, released on new gen consoles and even a physical version.

Released several years ago on PC after a long period of early access, Endzone: A World Apart will land on May 19, 2022 on PS5 and Xbox Seriesand will even have the right to a physical version on Sony’s machine.

A port that was not easy for the development team since it was necessary to review the entire user interface. A complicated task especially since the software is known to be particularly demanding in addition to being ultra complete and generous in terms of micro-management.

While we’ve wanted to bring Endzone to consoles for a long time, the UI overhaul needed to accommodate a strategy game as expansive as this represents a real challenge. We can’t wait to share this lovingly created game with a whole new audience this May. We sincerely hope players enjoy this experience specially adapted for consoles

We can therefore hope for optimized menus and gameplay adapted to the controller. We will be fixed in a few months.

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