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Escape from Tarkov presents Arena, its competitive spin-off


Escape from Tarkov Arena is revealed through a trailer that imposes its atmosphere and shows a little gameplay.

Mixture of battle royale and survival game, Escape from Tarkov will soon have a multiplayer-oriented spin-off Call of Duty style.

Post-Apo Gladiators

Players will have to participate in death matches as a team in locations inspired by the original game. Truly integrated into the lore of Escape from Tarkov, the software is placed in the same universe and his arena fights would even be orchestrated by a bunch of crackpots commanded by the “Host.” The spin-off will obviously offer PvP clashes but will also mix PvE and a notion of RPG.

We do not know more for the moment and the developers intend to tell us more a little later. For now, the software is only planned on PC and will launch its first online tests by the fall of 2022.

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