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Eternights, a game between flirt and action, is announced for the beginning of 2023


Eternights is a particular title that tends to mix two very distinct genres: the flirting game and the action game. He announced himself to State of Play for early 2023.

Eternights takes place in an apocalyptic world where the human species has been transformed into a band of creatures filled with violence. A very dark universe certainly, which will not prevent love from finding its place and flourishing in the hearts of our young heroes.

Dungeons and Dredge

Developped by Sai Studio, this well-felt anime-style game will offer you to skim through dungeons in which you will have to solve various puzzles, face many traps and practice dancing mini-games. Yes, dance…

And, in addition to this exploration side, there will of course be theaspect of a flirting game that will send you to meet five characters and their story, all punctuated by 2D cutscenes. Thus, you will discover them and get to know them. The closer you get, the more your skills will develop.

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However, you will have to make choices. Not everything can be accomplished in a single day. The activities offered have indeed a very limited duration and must therefore be chosen according to your affinities and, above all, your interest. Will you be caught up in the call of exploration and strength? Or will you answer the call of love? Well, you’ll make your choice when Eternights comes your way at the very beginning of the year 2023 on PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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